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We've interviewed our thriving founder, Kym and given her some questions we thought you'd all like to know. Have a read below and DM us on Instagram if you'd like to know anymore!

Read below!

Q: With each collection released being so imaginative and original, how do you keep-up the ideas?

A: The idea’s behind Halcyon Nights defiantly comes from my environment. Having children & being around them provides me with constant inspiration. Childrens books, colouring in books, drawing & craft. I can find inspiration in the books & shows they are watching from graphic styles to colour palates. With a background in fashion, I find inspiration everywhere I go. From popular culture, art, to Pinterest inspiration is everywhere. 

 Q: Let’s talk the latest collection SS20, how did it develop from scratch to the flourishing collection it is now?

A: Generally at the start of a New Collection, I’ll sit down with my team and we’ll throw around idea’s of all sorts to get started on a new print! I will often note down ideas throughout the season that I think would work well with the collections. Megafauna from our SS20 Collection was created this way, Penny (Min Pin Design) had and idea for Australian Megafauna so we did a bit of research around the history. So interesting. Once the illustration has been developed, our production manager will then work the print into fabric textiles. For collections, such a Big Band Party, the idea came from being around the kids and their toys. Children & music go so well together. Its colourful & creative and happy! My youngest daughter at the time was influenced by music and loved pairing animals to sounds and that’s where the musical animal idea stemmed from. 

 Q: With an archive of Halcyon Nights playful collections, which one would you call a must-have?

A: I would have to say our Outback Dreamers print, It’s a customer favourite due to its gender-neutral colours, inspiring wildlife and greenery and captures the Australian bush. It’s timeless and simple in the best way.

Q: There are so many creative juices flowing in our office! What are your tricks to stay non-stop motivated and creative?

A: I’ve always been a passionate worker, it’s hard not to be motivated when you love what you do every day! I also think being in a creative environment like our office (the office is a white warehouse lined with pastel pink framing and illustrated motives on the walls) it’s easy to keep inspired and uplifted! Not to mention a big one for me is seeing the feedback from our wonderful customers responding to our products and simply getting as excited as we do when a new print is released. 

 Q: You’re a mum, businesswoman, and creative director of Halcyon Nights, how do you shuffle it all?

A: I’ve learnt to be highly organised and a super multitasker when it comes to juggling it all. I think with home life for me, it comes down to planning, especially with the kids, I’m a definite list writer. My work-life is now a lot busier with the kids, but I do have a much stronger sense of what priorities are in the business and don’t get slowed down by indecision.

Q: Spring is here, what’s a must-have product we should all go and check out after reading this?

A: It’s a hard one, so I’ll have to say either these two! Our Fern Gully blanket, it’s a lightweight cotton staple that's great for warm weather with a breeze! It can be used as either a pram cover, play blanket or just something to lightly rug up in. Another one of my Spring favourites is our reversible Sun Days Hat in either Megafauna or Fruit Tingle. It’s a wonderful spring piece with our ABCs print inside, fantastic UPF 50+, It’s bright, packed with colour and affordable! 

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