Q&A with Andrea Caceres

Meet Andrea, she's a NYC based illustrator and the creative artist behind one of our latest and most popular prints, MILK. Working with Andrea, we've put a spotlight on the powerful conversation around Breastfeeding, bodies and #freethenipple. Alongside our wonderful customers, we've been celebrating the tides of feminism, all over the world.

To learn more about Andrea and her path to being an artist, we chatted to discover her inspirations, positive outlook and her new local love, NYC.

Q : Where do your everyday creative ideas stem from?

Andrea : They usually come from my daily experiences and tell stories of things I see and love!

Q : We love the Halcyon Nights X Andrea Caceres MILK print. What's your favourite thing about it?

Andrea : I love it too! Especially the concept, it's one of my favourite prints and I love the message behind the illustration - not to mention it's both pink and gender-neutral.

Q : Tell us a little about your background - When did you begin illustrating?

Andrea : I'm an illustrator from Venezuela, currently living in NYC (4 years now). I can't remember a time when I wasn't illustrating but I have illustrated professionally since I was 19yrs old. In the past, I have worked on many different projects from textiles to marketing and a lot of commissions.

Q : We see New York showcased in a lot of your illustrations - Why is this city important to you and how does it help influence your art?

Andrea : New York is my home and it has been so nice to me! It's funny because lots of people dream of moving here, in my case I never thought or planned to come. It was just destiny and since the first day, I felt at home. I especially love the drive of the city and appreciate all the people I meet everyday and all the opportunities that this city have been brought to me.

Q : What response or feeling do you hope a person has when seeing your beautiful illustrations? (We see Joy and a positive outlook on everyday Life)

Andrea : I've wanted to make people happy with my art since day one! I just want to make people smile, even if it is just for a second!

Q : Lastly, how does it feel to have your illustration highlighting the powerful conversation around breastfeeding, bodies and feminism turned into clothes for the next generation?

Andrea : It means a lot, I like all that we showcase in the print, breastfeeding is such a unique experience and it's so personal and different to everybody. I love to be working with Halcyon Nights, a company who cares about inclusion and it's design for the next generations, with no barriers.


To explore Andrea's work further, head to her website! andreascaceres.com