Jenny Kee x Halcyon Nights


Did you know? Just a year after her wedding, Princess Diana turned heads at a polo match rocking a koala jumper designed by none other than Jenny Kee! This iconic moment went viral worldwide, with Diana sporting a knit jumper featuring a cute koala on the front and a map of Australia on the back. It wasn't just a fashion statement; it became part of Jenny Kee's legend! 

Jenny Kee started her koala jumper journey back in 1974. This particular design, born in 1980, quickly became all the rage and one of her most beloved knit creations. 

Join us in celebrating our second iconic collection with Australia's beloved Jenny Kee! With two designs, we see the return of the infamous "Blinky" in a fresh new palate & Koala OZ. 


Photographs (left), Jenny Kee original designed sample vests with Koala motif, 1975-1994 from Powerhouse Museum Collection.

Photographs (right), Jenny Kee x Halcyon Nights Koala OZ Baby Knit Blanket.