Baby Wear

All babies come in different shapes and sizes and this is intended to be a guide only. Generally speaking our Zip suits & Leggings are a larger fit where as our Bodysuits are more true to size.

Our size guide reflects the maximum measurements for each age.


AgeLength (cm)Chest (cm)
0-3 Months6246
3-6 Months6848
6-12 Months7651
12-18 Months8455
2 Year9260

Jersey Baby Hat:

TypeCircumference (cm)
0-3 Months34
3-6 Months39
6-12 Months44

Swim Wear Hats:

TypeCircumference (cm)
3 - 12 Months48
1 - 2 Years50
3 - 5 Years53

Sun Hats:

TypeCircumference (cm)
Bucket Hat 3-6 Months42 - 46 cm
Bucket Hat 6-12 Months46 - 50 cm
Bucket Hat 1-3 Years50 - 52 cm
Reversible Sun Hat 3 - 18 Months
42 - 50 cm


TypeSole Length (cm)
0-3 Months10
3-6 Months11
6-12 Months13


Please use the following as a guide to help you decide which size to buy. All measurements are in centimeters.

TypeWidth (cm)Length(cm)Height (cm)
Fitted Bassinet Sheet40808
Change Mat Cover (Large Bassinet)558815
Fitted Cot Sheet7013519
Single Bed Duvet140210
Pillow Case7348
Baby Wrap100100
King Single (Double) Duvet180210
Queen Bed Duvet 210210

Sizing Sizing