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Kids Outerwear

Snuggle your little ones up with love and comfort! Discover our range of cosy essentials including Cotton & Terry collections, Knitwear and new seasonal Rain Coats and Puffer Jackets!

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Hop, skip and jump into Winter with our cosy outerwear collections for babies & kids!

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Keep loved ones warm with our one-of-a-kind picture knits. These items are a true keepsake and will hold their shape so you can enjoy them over and over again.

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Flamin' Galahs

Discover Australia’s most iconic feathered friends. You’ll find a kaleidoscope of Australia’s enchanting avian inhabitants brought to life in a riot of colours. 

A collaboration with Min Pin Design.

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Shop Growing Tall

Growing Tall

Growing tall, reaching for the sky, your beautiful baby is free to explore the world and its whimsical wonders.

A collaboration with Min Pin Design.

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Shop Winter Fun Story

Winter Fun Story

Just for fun! Splice some colour and comfort into your life with our winter boucle essentials for babies and kids.

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Shop Rainbow Express

Rainbow Express

All aboard the Rainbow Express! Choo-choo into a world of colour with these colourful carriages! A collaboration with Beci Orpin

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Shop Terry Collection

Terry Collection

Snuggle up your little ones in love and comfort with our collection of soft towelling wear! Crafted to be gentle on delicate skin.

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Shop A is for Apple Baby

A is for Apple Baby

Not only juicy and delicious, apples also symbolise health and vitality.

A crispy and delightful reminder of the fresh start and bright future that every parent wishes for their little one.

A collaboration with Min Pin Design.

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Shop Castle of Dreams

Castle of Dreams

A fairy tale fortress emerges, reaching towards the cottony clouds drifting above a magical world where dreams roam free and encourage your little ones to dream big.

A collaboration with Beci Orpin

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Shop Bush Paradise

Bush Paradise

Halcyon Nights x Jenny Kee collaboration, Bush Paradise. Its more than just clothing, it's a work of art that celebrates timeless design. 

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Shop Crocodile Smile

Crocodile Smile

Snap! We're off on an Aussie road trip to explore the colourful crocodile crossing in Kakadu national park where this float of playful reptiles rest in the Summer sun.
Illustrated by Min Pin Design.

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Shop Outback Dreamers

Outback Dreamers

Kookaburras, Koalas and Kangaroos sit nestled among the Australian bush. Illustrated by Min Pin Design. 

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Shop Big Adventures

Big Adventures

This Aussie print will take you back to the nostalgic road trips of your childhood. Illustrated by Min Pin Design.

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Shop Fern Gully

Fern Gully

Our Fern Gully print captures the ambience & beauty of the Australian Rainforest. Illustrated by Min Pin Design in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. 

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Shop ABC Down Under

ABC Down Under

Around Australia in 26 letters. Join us on an alphabet journey like no other! With each letter, you will discover the beauty and diversity of the Land Down Under!

Illustrated by Min Pin Design 

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Shop Coo-ee!


Deep in the outback, as the fuzzy sun rises over Uluru, our favourite Aussie animals come out to play. Who can you spot today?

Illustrated by Claudia Van Eeden & collaborated with the book Coo-ee! Published by Perimeter Editions. 

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